Digital Courier

Digital Courier.

About Digital Courier

Digital Courier provides distribution and management of advertising material to the Australian Radio Industry.

Media buyers, creative agencies and recording studios have relied on us for over 20 years to deliver audio material to radio stations across Australia.

Distribution is managed through our dedicated web based delivery system. In addition we are the only Australian audio distributor with a back up satellite system that allows live audio feeds to every commercial radio station.

In association with Radio Monitoring, Digital Courier is your single source for advertiser insurance and market intelligence.

Our proprietary system:

  • Tracks and reports actual post times within 20 minutes of broadcast;
  • Compares post times with the schedule, showing discrepancies; and
  • Reports competitor activity on request including S.O.V. and Flighting.

For further information and rates contact (02) 9134 0260 or

When dispatching audio please refer to Digital Courier's recomended audio standards.

  • Audio file format : 16 bit 48Khz uncompressed PCM audio (WAV file)
  • Duration : 1% tolerance
  • Headers : EBU Broadcast Wave File Format
  • Naming : File name to reflect key number

Image (future standards for Digital Radio).

  • File formats : JPEG, PNG, APNG
  • Orientation : Landscape
  • Size : 320 pixels wide x 240 pixels high
  • Animation : 10 frames per second - maximum
  • Tagging Standard : EXIF image data